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The best shadow moves are: shadow end(120/100), shadow storm(95/100), shadow rush (90/100) and shadow blast(80/100). All the other shadow moves are under 75/100.

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Q: What is the best shadow Pokemon moves?
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What are the best moves on Pokemon?

the best moves on Pokemon are only for these Pokemon dialga = roar of time palkia = spacial rend giratina = shadow force arceus = all of the above plus jugdement as you can see, arceus is the only one who can learn all these devastating moves, while the other three can only learn certain moves (unless u cheat)

What moves can Spiritomb learn?

Spiritomb is a Forbidden Pokemon and can learn moves such as dark pulse, shadow sneak, and ominous wind. Other moves include shadow ball, and feint attack.

Is there a way you can get any Pokémon to be a shadow Pokémon?

No, there is no possible way. Well no but u can keep the pokemon as a shadow pokemon but it wont be able to lvl up it will keep the moves from the shadow abilitys aka shadow rush shadow mist ect but the longer you use the shadow pokemon it still accumulates xp just when you turn it to a normal pokemon it will then lvl up

What are special type moves in Pokemon?

Moves where you don't physically hit your opponent. They're moves like Thunderbolt, Psychic, Shadow Ball and so on.

Can Pokemon Red and gold trade?

yep just can't trade new Pokemon or Pokemon that know new moves such as shadow ball or dynamicpunch.

What moves can be used to keep Pokemon from escaping?

mean look, wrap i think, bind i think, or any pokemon with the shadow tag ability

Pokemon diamond ds moves for Empoleon?

Shadow Claw, Metal Claw, Aqua Jet, Eartquake

What would be the best Pokemon team?

i don't really know but this is my favourite team that i have: Deoxys, shiny (best moves:zap cannon, shadow ball) Deoxys, shiny (no really great moves) Mew, shiny (best moves: flamethrower, thunderbolt, fly) Mewtwo, shiny (best moves: psychic, flamethrower, thunderbolt) Mewtwo, normal (best moves: psyichic, charge beam) Kyogre, normal (best moves: sheer cold, blizzard, surf, hydro pump) hope i helped :-)

Why can't Pikachu use Roar of Time and Shadow Force?

Because those aren't Electric Pokemon moves. Certain Pokemon of certain categories can only do certain moves. Pickachu is Electric so he can perform Electric moves only.

I am so lost are Ghost Type Attacks like Shadow Ball Physical or Special or does it change between Pokemon games because each FAQ i read tells me something different?

All ghost moves including shadow ball are physical moves for all Pokemon games.

What are the best ghost type moves other than shadow force?

shadow force only giritina knows this move

What makes a shadow?

either the light source moves, or the object casting the shadow moves, or the surface that the shadow is projected against moves.