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i don't really know but this is my favourite team that i have: Deoxys, shiny (best moves:zap cannon, shadow ball) Deoxys, shiny (no really great moves) Mew, shiny (best moves: flamethrower, thunderbolt, fly) Mewtwo, shiny (best moves: psychic, flamethrower, thunderbolt) Mewtwo, normal (best moves: psyichic, charge beam) Kyogre, normal (best moves: sheer cold, blizzard, surf, hydro pump) hope i helped :-)

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Q: What would be the best Pokemon team?
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What is the ultimate Pokemon team without trading?

The best team you can possibly get in Pokemon Ruby would probably be:SwampertGroudonAggronFlygonGardevoirLinoon (For item pick up.)

What is the best type of Pokemon in Red Rescue Team?

i would say a ghost type is the best.

Which is the best pokemon team for pokemon emerald?

There is no best team unless you hack it. any pokemon can be good if trained correctly

What is the best grass type Pokemon to have in blue rescue team?

sorry only pokemon geeks would know that

What is best team in Pokemon pearl?

my team

What is the best pokemon team in pokemon diomond?

The best Pokemon team in diamond is piplup, shinx, starly, machop, budew, and cranidos

Where to train Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

well, that may be orgin giretina. but for me, a male gliscore is allways the best. if i were you i would make my team on what Pokemon you like best :). hope it helped :)

Whom is the best Pokemon in Pokemon mystetry dungeon red rescue team?

i would say charmander evolved into charizard

Which is the best Pokemon team for Pokemon ruby?

Well I would say Groundon, Rayquaza, regice, registeel, regirock, and blaizecan.

What is the best team for Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well my team was Wigglytuff charizard

On Pokemon Blue what would be the best team to have to beat your rival or get through the whole game?


What would be the best team for Pokemon platinum?

My team is: Infernape Empoleon Torterra Honchkrow Umbreon Raichu Well that's my team... you pick yours