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Latias is the one who kissed Ash in Pokémon Heroes, when Latias is disguised as Bianca she doesn't talk, she doesn't wear a hat and she has a different hairdo.

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Q: Who kissed Ash in Pokemon Heroes?
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What Pokemon movie does Ash get kissed?

Melody in the "Power of One" movie in 2000 kisses Ash on the cheek and Latias kisses Ash on the cheek in "Pokémon Heroes."

Pokemon will dawn and ash kiss?

no! in Pokemon ash and dawn will not kiss. people have never kissed in Pokemon...but there is a chance they might hug. hope this helped!

Real Pokemon episode that dawn and ash kissed?

one day at the last episode of Pokemon dawn accidentally fell and ash caught her and ash looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss ash kissed her for 10 seconds after ash kissed dawn then dawn kissed ash for 10 seconds after that long kiss they both fell in love! PS:well they are both are on a cliff PS:THIS MY OWN STORY! PS:it was a windy day PS:they are looking at their badges

In Pokemon does ash kiss misty?

The only person has ever kissed in the Pokemon series is Serena and that is it, though ash and may did kiss once in an episode called A kiss under the mistletoe which got banned and was NA unaired in Japan and the US

Who Are The Girls Ash Kissed in The Pokemon Anime?

I only know one. It's not really a girl...but sort of. Because in the movie Pokemon Heroes latias in the shape of a girl came and kissed him. I'm not sure if this would count, but this is all I know. Pokemon is directed for little kids, so I don't know if they'll include kissing. Hope this helps ^^ ~Kukai_Daisuki it didn't say if it was the girl or Latios disguised as her.Plus Mrlody kissed ash in the movie with Lugia(for a 10 yr. old he's a reall playa)

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Does latias love ash?

At least to me, Latias has a visible crush on Ash and I believe Latias was the one who kissed Ash at the end of the movie(Pokemon Heroes)

Does Ash from Pokemon ever kiss anyone?

No, Ash never kisses a girl, but later on in the series in the fifth movie, Pokemon Heroes, Ash gets kissed by Latias, who can turn to a girl.

Who kissed ash in Pokemon movie heroes?

Bianca kissed Ash 100% because we can see her leaving her room without taking her hat and taking with her the drawing she gave to Ash when she kissed him! I'm 100% sure. BELIEVE ME! BIANCA KISSED ASH! NOT LATIAS! BIANCA! I'M 100% SURE ABOUT THIS!

Who kissed ash in Pokemon movie 5?

latias the Pokemon kissed ash in movie 5 . Some people think bianca did but it was latias because at that part of the movie she did not talk,she did not have her hat on and latias likes ash more bianca.The name of this movie is heroes.

Do may and ash kiss in Pokemon?

No, the only time Ash has ever been kissed was in the 5th movie "Pokémon Heroes" by Latias when it changed into Bianca.

What Pokemon movie does Ash get kissed?

Melody in the "Power of One" movie in 2000 kisses Ash on the cheek and Latias kisses Ash on the cheek in "Pokémon Heroes."

Who does ash kiss in Pokemon?

This is a quote from Pokemon Wikia about Bianca from Pokemon Heroes: "After helping save Alto Mare, she ran to Ash, who was leaving, and kissed him and gave him a picture. However, it is unknown if it was either Latias in disguise or the real Bianca who really to kissed Ash, although it is most likely Latias who did it, because the Bianca who kissed him wasn't wearing a hat."

How many people has ash ketchum kissed?

only one, in "pokemon heroes" movie nr. 5. at the end if the movie he gets kissed on the cheek by Bianca. (you actually can't see that because ash's head is in the way)

Did Ash kiss May in Pokemon?

No, Ash hasn't kissed May in Pokémon. misty and ash kissed in Pokemon episode called a kiss under the mistletoe...... it's misty and not may

Does ash ever get kissed?

yes in Pokemon 2000

Who kisses Iris on Pokemon?

She and Ash kissed twice.

In Pokemon where there any episode where ash kissed may?


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