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There is no top person as there are many different jobs to design a video game. There are major companies though.

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Q: Who is the top person in the video game design career field?
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Where could I learn about video production design and lighting?

The best place to go is to Kaplan career institute. It is one of the best places to go if you want to learn the field of video production and design.

Are there any online graphic design schools that specialize specifically in first person shooter video game design?

Video game design is a huge market and it is stedily growing. You will need to study graphic design in order to have a career in game design. The Arts institue is one of the colleges that focus on all forums when it comes to attending first person shooter game video games. The college also have other course in media arts and video game design so you an explore all of your options.

How much can you learn by taking a video game design class?

By taking a video game design class you can prepare yourself for many career opportunities in the field of game creation. Comprehensive courses are offered at the Game Institute. They teach a comprehensive course in a fun, simple to learn format.

What does a person do on a typical day as a video game designer?

Design video games

How i become a video game designers?

There are several online program that offer degree programs that can start a career in video game design. Check out the game design courses offered at

How can I become a video game designer?

There are several online program that offer degree programs that can start a career in video game design. Check out the game design courses offered at

What College classes will help in video game design?

Computer programming generally forms the core of video game design. Any course work that teaches scripting languages would be useful in that career.

Can success as a video game designer lead to another career?

Success in one particular field may not necessarily lead to success in another field unless they are somehow related. In this case you may go on to some other form of graphic design or computer programming.If you change fields completely then there may be aspects of your previous career which may help but success is not assured.

What are the different career options in the computer programming field?

Usually when your computer programming, your developing software for a company. Depending on who and what is needed, is where your career will change. Video game programming is an example where you will develop software for a video game company.

How does a person pursue a career as a video vixen?

Although it is quite difficult to get into a career as a video vixen, the key to success is persistence. If one keeps trying to break through the chances are increased.

Can a person with little computer knowledge go to college for video game design and do okay?

I'm pretty certain you would do fine. Obviously,you would need to take a basic computer literacy course, but that would just to get to know the PC basics. Video game design is more of an <B>artistic</B> field, so an interest in drawing, especially electronic drawing is essential. Remember that video game designers design the worlds that video game characters walk or fight in. Video game programmers program (or command) the characters what to do within the worlds.

Is there career life after going to a video game schools?

Yes, with computer graphics and design ect, it is a great career, and can open the door to many other opportunities. There are many routes to be taken as far as employment. Video games are also a great tool for learning.