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no strongest. just depends on who has the type advantage in a battle. they're all great pokemon!

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Q: Who is the strongest Pokemon starter in LeafGreen?
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What is the strongest pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where can you find the strongest water Pokemon on LeafGreen?

all the water Pokemon in leaf green suck... so if i were u, id pick squirtle for a starter.

Which is the best dragon Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

dragonite is the strongest dragon there is in leafgreen

How do you get Squirtle in pokemon leafgreen?

Get it for your starter Pokemon

How do you get chamander in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Get it as your starter.

What are the starter pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

They are bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle.

Best starter in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Who is the strongest Pokemon at the 7th gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Arcanine at level 48.

How do you get Pokemon 7 on Pokemon LeafGreen?

To get Pokemon 7 you have to choose squirtle as your starter Pokemon.

Can you get Charmander on LeafGreen Pokemon?

yes hes one of your starter pokemon.

Pokemon emerald how do you get a Suicune as your starter Pokemon?

Suicune is not a possible starter Pokemon in emerald you must get a suicune from Pokemon firered or leafgreen.

Where to see veausaur in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can not you can only get it as a starter