Who is the roblox owner?

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Erik Cassel, he passed away though. The new owner is David Baszucki. Erik Cassel's username is erik.cassel and David Baszucki's username is david.baszucki, but from what I know, David has alt accounts to view Roblox from a normal player's eyes. David also has an account called builderman, but it's most likely abandoned.

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2021-01-04 21:01:43
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David Baszucki
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David Baszucki


User on ROBLOX: builderman

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David Baszucki

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Q: Who is the roblox owner?
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Who is the manager of roblox?

ROBLOX, an admin, is believed to be the owner of Roblox. Also, other admins, such as Clockwork.

What is a desc on roblox?

A Description on ROBLOX is something that will describe a place/item/group and it is made by the owner.

Who invented roblox com?

ROBLOX, the main admin of Roblox is the owner.

Can a group owner give the group to an NBC on roblox?


Where does the owner of roblox live?

California, US.

Who is Erik cassel?

Erik Cassel is the Co-Founder of The original owner is David Baszucki. Is username on Roblox is Roblox! He is the founder of roblox

What roblox owner?

Is builder man:) He build rob-------------lox

How do you get admin on any server on roblox?

You either create a roblox server yourself, or you gain the trust of the owner of another server and ask him if you can be Admin.

Who is the oldest player on Roblox?

Toolbox because he/she is the only one before all the banned accounts

Why cant you build in your groups place on roblox?

You can if you are the owner or have permission. If not, there is probably something wrong with your server. Ask an adult or contact roblox staff for help.

In Roblox how do you make Roblox your friend?

Unfortunately, there is no way to become friends with the account, 'ROBLOX.' It is impossible to do so. ROBLOX is the main administrative account for the site that edits and releases all of the official ROBLOX items daily and/or weekly. There is no interface contact what so ever. However, you can become friends with a handful of the friendly administrators! Such as david.baszucki, the CEO and founder of ROBLOX and the main owner of the ROBLOX account.

What is back to normal cats lake territory?

You most likely saw this on ROBLOX. Well it is a game on roblox and there was trouble with it so the owner fixed it then made the namesay it was back to normal.

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