Who is the owner of Xbox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Microsoft. So Bill Gates

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Q: Who is the owner of Xbox?
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Is Microsoft the owners of xbox?

yes, Microsoft is an owner of xbox

How do you get halo online?

You need Xbox live, read your owner's manual that comes with the Xbox 360.

What is an Xboxer?

An Xboxer is an owner of an Xbox game console.

Who is the founder of Xbox?

Since the Xbox 360 was created by Microsoft, Bill Gates, the founder and owner of Microsoft is credited with the creation of the Xbox 360.

If you sell your Xbox and the new owner log in with their Xbox live account what will happen to your downloaded games?

From my guess, they'd be on the system still. Clean out the system if you can.

Are xbox 360s better than ps3s?

This fight about xboxs and ps3s has to stop they have both advanges eg ps3s have blue ray xbox have kinect, ps3 have some games xbox don't. People can say xbox are rubbish others say PS are rubbish, as a xbox and a ps3 owner i say there the same.

Why is minecraft coming out on may ninth on xbox?

Because minecraft cannot come out yet even though it has done because microsoft (owner of xbox) has had to deciede whether they want it or not and then have to transfer everything and get it all sorted.

What was the Xbox released after Xbox 360?

no it wasn't. Xbox > xbox 360 > xbox one

What was Xbox first edition called?

Xbox, origonal xbox, xbox origonal. Xbox at the time.

Which is better Xbox or Xbox 360?

xbox 360.The Xbox 360 is the best as it can run games for both the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

Which Xbox is better Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox Pro Xbox Elite etc.?

the Xbox is a great console for any gamer. In my opinion the Xbox 360 is the best.

Where can one purchase a cheap refurbished Xbox 360?

There are a few places that one can purchase a refurbished Xbox 360. Kijiji would have used or refurbished Xbox 360 that are being sold by an owner, as well as Craig's List. Another option would be to shop at Future Shop or Best Buys as both of these stores would sell the Xbox 360 there as well. If one wishes to purchase a cheap refurbished Xbox 360 online then one can use the websites eBay as well as Amazon. On both of these websites one can find great deals as well as customer reviews.