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its mikey

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Q: Who is the oldest weemee on WeeWorld?
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What is Nick Jonas's username on weemee?

He doesnt have a WeeMee on WeeWorld. All "Nick Jonas'" are fake on WeeWorld.

You can get in to the world in WeeWorld how do you get in?

you get into weeworld from the start where it says create a weemee just click it

What is the highest level a WeeMee can get on on WeeWorld?

there is no limit :)

How can you erase a Weeworld Weemee?

i could figure that out if i knew what that means.

How do you get rid of a weemee?

If yuh want to delete yhur weemee yuh jus go to contact weeworld or somthing& you give them a comment by a day or two your weemee is gone !

How do you report on WeeWorld?

you click on the weemee that you need to report and hit report

How do you stop paying for a weemee on WeeWorld?

You donn't pay for one. ~Apricotblossom &+ Robyngothacked

How do you get your aim weemee to WeeWorld?

Type in weeworld aim on google and click the first choice then click begin. Type your user name and password.

How do you do you cash on WeeWorld?

you can help friends out with their jobs. Here is how you find jobs on weeworld: first you put your mouse on on the weemee icon. then click my jobs, and your there!

WeeWorld green point links?

Visit special , famous, and rich weemee's manomez is one

How do you get into weeworld?

you go onto and then click create a weemee. everythings free and there is no swearing allowed add manomez :)

On WeeWorld how do you jump to the rollet coaster?

first click on your weemee then LAUNCH IT UP!!! like a sling shot in a direction.