Who is the main Pokemon in Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no main Pokemon o.O

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Q: Who is the main Pokemon in Pokemon?
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Who is the main Pokemon in Pokemon dimond?

The Main/ Featured Pokemon diamond is Dialga, the creator of Time

Who is the main Pokemon in FireRed?

i think the main Pokemon is charzard,charmeion and charmander

Where is lord Pokemon in Pokemon white?

the main Pokemon is zekrom

What is the main legendary in Pokemon Black 2?


Who is the main Pokemon?

The most popular Pokemon is Pikachu.

What are the main characters in Pokemon Black and White?

Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott are the starter main Pokemon. The legendry Pokemon is Reshima. Hope I have helped.

What is Leader Brock's main Pokemon?

Brock, in Pokemon Red and Green/Blue, has Onix (level 14) and Geodude (level 12) as his main Pokemon.

What is the main Pokemon?


What was the main Pokemon called in Pokemon 3 the movie?


When do you get the main dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon white?


Where is the main hall in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no such thing as a main hall.

What is the best Pokemon in coliseum?

Ho-oh because it is the main Pokemon.