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It depends on what deck you have, make sure that you and your partner have similar decks that can co-operate and you will win 9.9999/10

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Q: Who is the best partner in tag force 3?
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How do you get partner in Yu-Gi-Oh GX tagforce?

It depends on which one you are talking about. Tag force 1 your partner is the person who your relationshiop with is strongest. Tag force 2 is whoever you choose which is the same with number 3. In tagforce 1 find the partner which his relashionship is strongest. In tagforce 2 and 3 you get to choose your partner yourself

Who is the best person to team up with in yugi oh tag force 3?

Jaden Yuki

What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh gx game for the psp?

yugioh gx tag force 3 i guess but yugioh 5ds tag force is aw well played in psp

How do you get a partner in yu-gi-oh gx tag force?

Follow This Steps To Get A Partner. 1.To Get A Partner You Must Talk With Him/Her Everyday. 2.And Duel Them Everyday. 3 And Give Them A Sandwich. (It Will Very Work If You Give Them a Golden Egg Sandwich)

How do you unlock the sacred beasts in Yugioh gx tag force?

in tag force 1 you need to beat the game, not sure about tag force 2 or 3

How do you unlock Nightshroud in Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force 3?

play with atticus as partner or wait until you find nightshroud in the streets in story mode

Is there yugi in tag force 3?

yes there is!!!

What is the number card code for slifer the sky dragon?

If your looking to add the god cards to your deck on yugioh gx tag force 2 or 3 you need to use tag force 1 on tag force 2 on umd game thing or if you want them on tag force 3 you need to use 1 and 2

How do you complete yu-gi-oh gx tag force?

first you click the new game after finishing that play the the game you will meet chancellors Shepherd he will say go to the classroom because your teacher will introduce his name is Villain Crowley next u will see some pictures cut out you will get a partner for sure you need to lose all the duelist before that pick a partner just one after strait ahead to the before the tag force meet just end the day so the tag force don't be late its the time of the class 8:00 am if your late some guards are there after its part two after u finish find a partner so it will be 3 after part 3 do it again find a partner it will be 4 and graduate you will be yellow

Where to buy Yu-gi-oh GX Tag Force 3?

My Memory is the best and cheapest place to but it. Here is the link:!-GX-Tag-Force-3-(Sony-PSP) There you go all yours

How do you get evil hero packets in tag force 3?

you have to partner with jaden then go through the story then you'll unlock the pack... it'll be on the last row.. but it's after you beat the first boss or w.e you want to call it

Where do you get stardust dragon in yu gi oh gx tagforce 3?

Stardust dragon is not available in yugioh gx tag force 3 as it is a gx version. Only a 5ds version such as yugioh 5ds tag force 4 would have stardust. So, try getting yugioh 5ds tag force 4.