Who is the best manager ever?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alex Ferguson

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Q: Who is the best manager ever?
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Who is Chelsea's best manager ever?

José Mourinho

Best football manager ever?

Sir Alex Ferguson!

Is Sir Alex Ferguson the best manager that has ever lived?


Is trevor hall the best manager ever?

Yes his tactics are the best, we're unbeaten with him

Is josep guardiola the best manager ever?

yes because he is the only and youngest ever manager to win 6 trophies in one season including the champions league and the la liga.

Who is the best girl for Justin Bieber?

Hannah Nguyen she is like the best model ever she is looking for a manager:) contract her at

The best online football manager games?

I think that will be the best free online manager game ever. Nothing beats the challenge of trying to manage a team filled with players that are controlled by real people!!

What is Ted Thompson best known for?

Ted Thompson is best known for his role as the general manager of the NFL (National Football League). He was appointed the post in 2005 and has been managing the team till present, he is also considered the best manager they have ever had.

Who is the best unprofessional footballer ever?

I'm The Tottenham Manager I've Seen This Kid He's Amazing.He's Called Nick Mobin!

Who was Celtic's first manager?

Celtic's first ever manager was Willie Maley

Who is the Manchester Utd manager?

Alex Ferguson - The most successful manager ever

Which is the best football manager game?

Football manager series is the best. Probably football manager 2011 is the best as its up to date with all the transfers.