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There is no "best" girl. It is all based on opinion.

But I'm pretty sure Gina is the only one who gives you a gift. So that makes her different from the rest of the girls who don't give you anything. She gives you a new outfit if you marry her.

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Q: Who is the best girl to be married in harvest moon hero of leaf valley?
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If your a girl on harvest moon can you get married?

yes you can, you can even get married if your a boy too

Does girl version end in harvest moon?

That depends on what Harvest Moon game you are playing. If you are playing Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, then yes the game will end after you get married.

Can you get married to a girl on harvest moon another wonderful life?

Yes of coarse

Do Gray and Mary get married in harvest moon boy and girl?

If you get all of their Rival Heart Events, then yes they will get married.

Where is the ranch in harvestmoon cute?

the whole valley is exactly the same except you are a girl and if you don't want to get married you can make a best friend instead out of any of the specail girls if you need more help then type into google harvest moon help and scroll down to where it says ushi no tane x6

Does the game ends when you get married in harvest moon boy and girl?

The game only ends if you marry a girl from mineral town.

Is Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life for the PSP?

Harvest Moon A Wonderful life is for the Gamecube and PS2 only. The only Harvest Moon games for the PSP are Boy & Girl, Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon, and Hero of Leaf Valley.

How do you get married to a boy in Harvest Moon?

you must have 60 harvest sprites, have a have a girl at a red heart color and get a blue feather at the supermarket for 1000 (don't drop it)

On harvest moon a wonderful life special edition ps2 does your child get married?

Yeah, your child gets married. If your child is a boy he will get married to Kate and if your child is a girl she will get married to Hugh.

How do you get a child in harvest moon hero of leaf valley?

first you need to get married.if your a girl you can marry luke,calvin,gill,toby,julies,or owen.if your a girl you can marry Anissa,Kathy,Candace,Luna,Pheobe,or Selena.then 2 seasonsafter you get married,you or your wife find out your pregnant.then 1 season afterthat,you or your wife have a baby.You can name it.hope this helps:)

Did Deborah Foreman of Valley Girl ever get married?

Deborah Foreman of Valley Girl does not seem to have ever been married. Her official website and Facebook page have no mention of a marriage. She owns and designs jewelry and she owns and operates a web design company.

In harvest moon back to nature how to get married for girl?

Get a girl to an orange heart and the bluefeather will become available at the supermarket. Buy the bluefeather and give it to the girl you want to marry when she gets up to a red heart and you'll be married a week later. FYI, you'll miss a whole day's work on your wedding day so...harvest sprites.