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Piccolo was Gohan's teacher and knows all his tricks. Piccolo will easily beat Gohan.

Gohan is stronger thought but also Piccolo isn't his only teacher , Goku is his 2nd teacher & he's harder.

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Q: Who is stronger piccolo or ultimate gohan?
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Who is stronger super trunks or ultimate gohan?

Ultimate Gohan is stronger.

Who is stronger broly or ultimate gohan?

Ultimate Gohan. Broly is only SSJ Tier. Gohan is even stronger than a SSJ3.

Who is stronger uub or ultimate gohan?


Who is stronger trunks or ultimate gohan?

Gohan is way stronger than Trunks.

Is ultimate gohan stronger than vegeta?

yes ultimate gohan is better than vegeta

Who is stronger teen gohan or krillin?

I believe it is Teen Gohan, for he is a sayain and also he has gone through much training with people stronger than Krillin like Piccolo and Goku.

Who is stronger evil buu or ultimate gohan?

ultimate gohan is just as powerful as goku ssj3 and evil buu was on par with good buu maybe a little higher and the fact that gohan kicked both their asses when they combined attributed to the fact that gohan is stronger. Gohan is the strongest unfused character in Dragon Ball Z. He is, however, stronger then Gotenks.

Who is more powerful goten or ultimate gohan?

this is a good question and it is my hounour to answer it I think that gohan is more powerful at the ultimate level the goten but it also matters if goten is in his ultimate form Gohan is way stronger then Goten.

Is ultimate gohan stronger than super buu?

depends if its with gotenks absorbs but gohan is stronger with super buu but is weaker than with gotenks absorbed

Who is stronger ssj4 goku or ssj4 or ultimate gohan and why?

Goku easily

Who is stronger Majuub or ultimate gohan?

ultimate gohan power level is 450,000,000 uubs is 600,000,000 but when he gets fat buus power it is 980,000,000 600,000,000+380,000,000=980,000,000

Who would win ultimate gohan or kid buu?

Ultimate Gohan, since he is stronger than SSJ Gotenks & SSJ3 Goku No, kid buu because he's like 50 times stronger than gohan buu, and it only took gotenks buu to beat him.