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I believe it is Teen Gohan, for he is a sayain and also he has gone through much training with people stronger than Krillin like Piccolo and Goku.

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Q: Who is stronger teen gohan or krillin?
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Who is stronger gohan or krillen?

At the start of Dragon Ball Z Krillin was stronger but on Planet Namek Gohan became stronger.

Is gohan stronger than krillin?

depends are you talking about normal because if you are they are the same but krillin with unlocked potentiol vs. angry gohan: gohan would win every tme, but let me ask you this how many times has gohan died compared to krillin

Who stronger teen gohan or big gohan?

which adult gohan are you talk about around great saiyanman saga? teen gohan stronger than adult gohan about twice but if you talk about adult gohan (mystic) adult gohan will kick teen gohan butt very easy

Who is older Goku or Krillin?

Krillin is older it was explained in Dragonball while they trained with Master Roshi. Krillin is either 1 or 2 years older

Is teen gohan ssj2 stronger than gokussj4?

No, ssj4 is far stronger

Is ss goku stronger than ss teen gohan?

Of course.

Who is stronger gohan ssj2 or dabura?

Dabura is slightly stronger than ssj2 adult gohan. All we know that is teen ssj2 gohan is stronger than ssj2 gohan adult when he was a teenager power level =45 adult gohan ssj2 =40 dabura= 41.8 I think that dabura is slightly stronger than ssj2 gohan adult, but I also think that mystic gohan power level is slightly stronger than teen ssj2 gohan. I see his power level 48.5. Dabura is only stronger than gohan ssj2 ,1 and base in adult than I think that ssj2 teen gohan and mysic gohan are strongest forms of him and dabura is slightly stronger than ssj2 adult gohan.

Who is stronger Neji or krillin?

definatly krillin

List of characters in Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3?

Goku (End, Mid and Early), Krillin, Gohan (Kid, Teen,Ultimate, Adult and Future) and so on...

Is SSJ2 Gohan or Mystic Gohan stronger?

Mystic Gohan is stronger than SSJ2 Gohan.

Does Gohan loose his Ultimate Gohan powers in DBGT?

not relly but because the opponents get stronger and he stops training he becomes much weaker than everone else like he was les stronger as an audult than teen

Does Teen gohan like lime?

Teen Gohan liked Videl.