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Q: Who is sonics best friend tails or blaze?
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Who was sonics best friend?

Sonic`s best friend is Tails.But in the Sonic The Hedgehog and the Adventures Of Sonic The HedgehogIt was both Sally and Tails.Knuckles, and Tails

Who is shadow the hedgehog's best friend?

shawdow is sonics best friend/enemy

Is silver the hedgehog's best friend is blaze?

Blaze and Silver are just friends.....

Is Blaze Amy's best friend?

No but they will always be friends

Who likes silver the hedgehog?

His best friend, Blaze the Cat.

Is Knuckles Sonics best friend?

Knuckles was introduced in "Sonic and Knuckles" as a rival to Sonic who tries to steal his Chaos Emerald. Their rivalry is still there, but now it's more of a friendly rivalry. BEST FRIEND though, I dunno... Tails has been with him since Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and they're really good friends.

Who is silver the hedgehog's lovelife?

It's Blaze the Cat, his life-long best friend. Blaze returns Silver's feelings.

Does Tails like Sonic?

Yeah tails is sonic's best mate they are kinda like brothers

Did Amy ever get mad at sonic and started whacking him with her hammer?

No. Amy did never whack sonic with a hammer because she is sonics best friend.

Does Blaze like Silver?

No. Saying Silver likes Blaze is like saying Sonic likes Amy Rose. Just because they're best friends and such that doesn't mean they will like each other. well silver likes blaze as a BEST friend but isnt intrested in a relation ship

Is tails a fox?

something was not right about tails in sonic forces tails could be a girl because tails was so worried about sonic thinking was dead and later was very, very happy to see that sonic was alive and well which led me to believe tails could be a girl the entire time and sonic had never even knew that his best friend tails is a teenager girl fox the same age as him but much taller than him with a height of 7 feet tall and much more faster, durable and stronger than sonic.

Is Amy rose maria the hedgehog?

YES! maria is sister of Amy Rose And cream and blaze is amy rose best friend