Who is el cid's foe?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who is el cid's foe?
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Name of EL-Cids sword?

Colada and Tizon (Tizona)

What was El Cid's major accomplishment?

one of El Cids major accomplishment is that he was the prince of valencia from 1094-1099

What is the matador's foe?

El toro - the bull.

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng el filibustirismo?

the churche's foe

Kingdom Hearts 1 how to get the ultima weapon?

in cids shop mix everything then it will be shown

Do you get ultima weapon in Kingdom Hearts 1?

no you don't get it but you can make it at Cids top floor

What 3 letter word opposite of friend?


Was knuckles a foe?

yes , he was in 1993 a game knuckles was a foe but , then he is no longer a foe.

Is ocean friend or foe?


How do you get ultima weapon in Kingdom Hearts 1?

cids top floor mix every thing and you'll see it

Why couldn't el cid become king?

Most likely because he was never heir to the throne. Its possible that when Sancho the second was killed that if Alfonzo his brother was also killed somehow, Rodrigo could have been king, if no other kindred was left. But its hard to say exactly, its possible that because of El Cids honor and integrity he may regret being king, instead he would want to defend his lands.

Are the deers a friend or a foe to the plants?