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Q: Can you make a game called Godzilla Friend or Foe?
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Will they make a new Godzilla movie?

yes,it is called godzilla 3d to the max.

If they make a Godzilla 2 what would it be called?

Godzilla Revenge of the Xiliens is in making

Will they do another American Godzilla?

I want to make a movie called Kongzilla. It's the American godzilla vs. king kong. There's also gamera, spacegodzilla, cyborg-American godzilla, a 11 foot tall American godzilla that breathes lightning, godzilla, and rodan. all in 5 movies. So you can be expecting 5 in the future.

What can you do with a godzilla?

what you can do with a godzilla: make your nabiars respeckt you more, detroy a beisnes you hate.

What can you do with Godzilla's?

what you can do with a Godzilla: make your nabiars respeckt you more, detroy a beisnes you hate.

Will there be Godzilla unleashed 2 game?

if they made godzilla unleashed 2 there would me new cities like hong kong and germany. also there would be new characters monster x kaiser ghidorah godzilla jr burning godzilla mechagodzilla in duisguise godzilla 2004. it would be cool and there would me new modes for this game' like teams and free for all. they would have minigames too. just to let you know i am nicholas delor. and im ten years old so when they make me if they did.

Will they make a Godzilla vs zilla?

They already have Godzilla: Final wars Zilla gets owned

Will they make a Godzilla 2?

I heard that they ARE going 2 make a second Godzilla based on the first one. I hope they make him look more Godzilla than the one in 1998... I thought that one sucked. But I DID see a picture of a dragon head that they might use for the new one. GODZILLA WILL END THE WORLD:O

Will they make a Godzilla Neo cartoon series?

No, it doesn't appear there will be an animated series based on Godzilla Neo.

Can you make a code to play as zilla in Godzilla unleashed for wii?

People say the cheat code is 204935 but it doesnt work becuase people say its a replica of godzilla so toho didnt let zilla be playable and not let him in the game

Is it legal to make copies of a computer program and a game you purchase to give to a friend?

Absolutely not ! That's called copyright theft - and you can be prosecuted for it !

When will Godzilla 4 come out?

It's a reboot, it's not a series really, but, Legendary Pictures, (since Toho, was destroyed in the earthquake on 3/11/11, R.I.P) will be producing a new film. There are rumors of serveral others, but, only one so far.Godzilla - (2012)Monsters/Kaijus - Godzilla, TBA, TBAKiryu - (2012/2013) (rumored)Monters/Kaijus - Kiryu, Godzilla, TBAIf LP does make more, I hope they make theseGodzilla vs. BaganGodzilla Against GigamothGodzilla vs. CloverfieldGodzilla vs. Grand King GhidorahMothra vs. GigamothGodzilla vs. GameraRodan (Remake)Mothra vs. GiganGigan (film)Godzilla vs. Godzilla (Gojira)Godzilla, Gamera, & King Kong: Armageddon