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Celia and Muffy are the easiest. They love flowers. They also like necklaces and lotions that you can find in the excavation site.

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Q: Who is easiest to marry on harvest moon ds?
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Can you marry a boy on harvest moon ds?

No. If you want to marry a guy you'll need to get Harvest Moon DS Cute.

Which girl is easier to marry in harvest moon ds?

I think it is easiest to marry Muffy because she likes jewelry and wine. It is easy to get her gifts.

Can you have a kid with Kai in harvest moon ds?

You can not have a child with Kai in Harvest Moon DS. But I'm guessing you're talking about Harvest Moon DS Cute, and yes you can have a child after you marry him.

In harvest moon ds cute who is the best person to marry?

Well it is really your opinion, the easiest to marry is Gustafa. But If you want your child to be a certain color you will have to marry a certain person.

Can you marry Muffy on harvest moon DS?

Yes, you can marry Muffy on harvest moon ds, but it takes a while, i would suggest looking for websites like that tell you all aout harvest moon.

Do you need to rescue the harvest goddess to marry on harvest moon ds?

Yes you do

Is there a way to marry mineral town bachelors on harvest moon ds if i haven't mineral town but harvest moon ds in my r4?

in harvest moon ds it is impossible to marry any male on the game, mineral town or not. Its because you can only play as a boy on that one. To marry mineral town characters on harvest moon ds, they would have to be female. However should you get harvest moon ds cute, you can play as a girl and marry mineral town bachelors, as well as the valley bachelors. So basically youll have to get harvest moon ds cute version if your heart is set on a mineral town bachelor. Hope i helped! ;-)

How do you marry in harvest moon ds cute?

it is the same way as harvest moon ds you buy the blue feather, get 60 harvest sprites and propose you have the wedding in a week. by elimac3

Who should you marry in Harvest Moon DS cute?

Whoever you want to.

Can you marry Flora in Harvest moon a wonderful life?

No, Flora is not a marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. She is a marriage candidate in Harvest Moon DS.

How do you marry rock in harvest moon frantic farming?

You can not marry Rock in Harvest Moon Frantic Farming. Rock is not a character in that game. Getting married is also not an available feature. Harvest Moon Frantic Farming is just a puzzle game. If you want to marry Rock you can play Harvest Moon: DS Cute. Which is a different game for the DS. You could also get Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for the Gamecube.

Do you have to be a boy on Harvest Moon DS?

In the original Harvest Moon DS, you can only play as a boy. However, a new version of the game called Harvest Moon DS Cute. (The only difference between the two games are what gender you play as and who you can marry.)