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a game designer

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Q: Who is a game designer that designs sports games?
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What is a game designer?

a game designer is a person that designs games

What kind of clothes does a video game designer wear to work?

Probably the hottest designs in sale. Lol if the game designer designs awsome clothes then she knows whats cute....

What are the work hours of a video game designer?

whats the work hours of a games designer

What is the Daily Basis of a game designer?

game designing and playing games

When you work as a game designer can you make your own games?


What will you do when you are game designer?

design video games that would sale.

What do people do as a video game designer?

They design video games.

What are the duties of a video game designer?

they design video games

Can i still play games when I'm a game designer?


What games do EA games make?

football or sports games beacause if you listen to the advert it says EA sports its in the game :)

What do you call a person who creates games?

a person who creates games is called a game designer

What do you call someone who makes video games?

a video game designer or a video game developer