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there are alot of prospects for game design in the future because there is a high demand for games and therefore more games will have to be produced

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Q: Future job prospects of Game Designer?
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What are the job prospects for games development in Australia?

Well, you can create a dessert and fill it with a tank, but along with a pink elephant, and bam! You can make it into a board game, or a video game, who knows?

What does spawn job mean in The Sims 3?

If your sim is in a profession (architectual designer, stylist etc.), if you enter the testingcheatsenabled cheat and shift-click on a lot, you have the option to spawn a job. For example, if your sim was an architectual designer and you shift-clicked on a house lot, you will get a job to renovate the house

What is the job called in video game making that decides what the game will be about and what will be in it?

Director or Game Designer. You will need industry experience to get either of these positions. Publishers just don't put down 1/2M - 20M on some unknown person. The easiest way to enter and gain experience is Video Game Testing. offers a Video Game testing course that is online.

Why doesn't Ben 10 have all his aliens on the game?

Well you try being a game designer its a hard job you know!!! Its because they could make another ben 10 game following it with different aliens on so they can make money or it could be because they cant use all the aliens abilities in the game or if it's hard to think up all the combos for all the aliens.

What experience is needed to be a game designer?

It depends on what part of the process you work on. A game needs artists for concept art. The graphics models need to be drawn by somebody who can use 3d modeling software. Most importantly, games need people who can write code, and lots of it. To get a job writing code, you need to know at least C++, Java, Basic, or all of them.

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How many job openings are expected in the future for game designing?

Not many people that want to become a game designer actually become one.

What is the job outlook of a roller coaster designer?

a need for this job in the future

What are employment prospects?

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What degree should you get?

Pick an area you enjoy. Your degree will affect your future job prospects.

How do you get on a project as a game designer?

Apply for a job with the company.

What are the benefits being a video game designer?

The benefits of being a video game designer is that you get to do a job that you enjoy. A video game designer also has the potential to make a lot of money or become famous.

If your a video game designer do you get any health benefits with your job?


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Almost every job is associated with the element of risk. Bad application or game construction is considered as the most risky element for game designer. If the game is not designed properly company has to bares heavy loss.

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Name one role ( job or work area ) of a video game artist?