Who is Hip Koopaling?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hip Koopa is Lemmy Koopa while Hop is Iggy

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Q: Who is Hip Koopaling?
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What is the hip koopaling?

Lemmy Koopa

Motorhead's ace of spades hip koopaling kilimister?


What is the realtion in kilmister ace of spades by motorhead and hip koopaling?

The password is Lemmy.

Where can you find a koopaling plush?


Where can you buy a Super Mario koopaling?

eBay :)

Where can you find a koopaling plush toy?


Is bowser Jr a koopaling?

yes Many consider him not to be. But he is Bowser's kid, so technically he is a koopaling.

Which koopaling likes to sing?

Ludwig Von Koopa

How do you become a koopaling?

You can't. The koopalings are video game characters.

Which koopaling or koopalings are famous?

Bowser jr.FOr a long time he was the only one that I knew of

Can a koopaling fall in love with you?

Don't count on it. Sure they love Peach, but another human? I would doubt it.

Who is the most liked Koopaling?

Many people like Iggy Koopa the most