Who is Andrew gower?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Andrew Christopher Gower (born 3 December 1978)[1] is the co-founder of Jagex Ltd, a Java-based game distributor and creator. He is also the lead developer of RuneScape, a popular MMORPG with more free players than any other online game. During his youth, he spent his spare time creating computer programs, and in 1997, he started work as a freelance Java programmer.[2]He created RuneScape game at the University of Cambridge.[3] The 2007 Sunday Times Rich List claims that Andrew and Paul Gower are the 654th richest men in the UK, worth £113 million (US $217 million).[4][5]. According to Jagex documents from Companies House, Andrew owns a 38.35% stake in Jagex. He has been dropping hints of the name of his private account, but as of now, beside Greenjer, there are no other closer guesses. If anyone can contact him in-game, they might be able to find out more information.

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Q: Who is Andrew gower?
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How tall is Andrew Gower?

Andrew Gower is 180 cm.

When was Andrew Gower - actor - born?

Andrew Gower - actor - was born in 1989.

Who is the creator of RuneScape?

Andrew Gower

When was RuneScape first founded?

RuneScape was first founded in 2001 by Jagex (Andrew+Paul Gower - now made up by the J Mods+Andrew Gower+Paul Gower[co-creator]).

What is Andrew gower's email?

What Started Rune Scape?

Andrew and Paul Gower.

Whats Andrew gower's email?

the answer is:

What is Andrew gower's runescape password?


Are Paul and Andrew Gower dead?

no they're alive

What is Andrew Christopher Gower's twitter name?

It's @TheAndrewGower

What is the name of the RuneScape inventor?

The person who created Runescape is Andrew Gower.

How old is Andrew Gower?

He is around 29-30 years old.