Who made RuneScape?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Brothers Paul and Andrew Gower created Runescape. The two began recruiting people to form a company, which is now known to be Jagex.

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Q: Who made RuneScape?
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What country was RuneScape made in?

Runescape was made in England.

Who made RuneScape the online game?

Runescape was made by Jagex.

What is a RuneScape private server?

A server that is just like runescape, but not made by Jagex, made from players of runescape.

How many years has RuneScape been around?

Runescape has been around for 8 years the latest. It was made in 2001. Runescape 2 was made in 2004 and Runescape HD was made in 2008. Happy to help!

What is the website that RuneScape made?

RuneScape's website and the website of the creators of RuneScape can be found in the related links section.

How do you play RuneScape classic?

Unless you made your Runescape account before 2005 then you cannot access Runescape Classic

Who did made rune?

The maker of Runescape by the name of Andrew. Rune is a made-up material that is ONLY used in runescape

Number one guide to RuneScape?

that would be the runescape guide made in 2002

What year was RuneScape made in?

It was made in 2001. Beta tests were taken between 1997 to 2001. Runescape was released in 2001.

When did RuneScape make membership cards?

Runescape made membership cards in 2009-2010

What is the difference between RuneScape Classic and RuneScape 2?

Runescape Classic Has 2D Characters While Runescape 2 Has 3D Characters, you can now only go onto runescape classic if you are a member and have made an account on runescape classic.

Is there a Grand Exchange in RuneScape classic?

No, it's only in the main Runescape the Grand Exchange was made.