Who has a crush on who in Sonic X?

Updated: 9/4/2023
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Amy is so simple if sonamy but shadamy is more difficult because we didn’t know if amy likes shadow

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Amy Rose has a crush on Sonic. :)

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Amy the hedgehog

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Q: Who has a crush on who in Sonic X?
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What is Amy from sonic x?

she is a pink hedgehog who has a crush on sonic.

Who is blaze the cat crush?


Does shadow the hedgehog have a crush?

YES! as a matter of fact he does! he doent show it but he has a crush on two young ladies first theres rouge if you've seen sonic x and have played sonic the hedgehog for xbox360 or ps3 he keeps looking at her boobs....its pretty obvious. and then theres Amy rose. on sonic x she mistakes him for sonic and gives him a hug from behind, if he didnt like her he would have at least say get off... or push her offf... so yeah he does!!!

What Sonic TV series is after Sonic x?

there is no animated sonic tv series after sonic x. sonic x IS the last sonic TV series.

What are the sonic games' theme songs?

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