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The voice is Kevin Mckidd

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Q: Who does the voice of Captain MacTavish in Modern Warfare 2?
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Who does the voice of soap mactavish in modern warfare 2?


Who does the voice of captain price in call of duty modern warfare?

Billy Murray does the voice of Captain Price.

Is Ross Kemp a voice in Modern Warfare 2?

No he doesn't do a voice in Modern Warfare 2.

Who does the voice of shepherd in modern warfare 2?

Lance Henriksen

Is Ross Kemp the voice in Modern Warfare 2?

No he isen't but I know 50 cent is a voice actor

Who voice the mw2 characters?

If you meant Modern Warfare 2 then there is a related link to the voice cast below .

Is Jason Statham a voice in modern warfare 2?

yes he is thatnks for asking

Is Ghost in modern warfare 1?

No, Ghost does not appear in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but the same voice actor (Craig Fairbrass) who voiced Ghost in Modern Warfare 2 also voiced Gaz from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. As for the Perk "Ghost", No It does not appear but instead "UAV Jammer" is the replacement.

Can voice be turned off in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

On online you can mute people.But on campaign you can lower it on options.

Who is the voice of captain knuckles?

The voice of captain knuckles is Brian Doyle Marray

Is there going to be a language filter in modern warfare 3?

probably not but u can take it off by going to the settings and taking off the voice volume

Does Ghost wear a mask to cover his wound from the first modern warfare?

Ghost was not in the first modern warfare. You may be referring him as Gaz because of the same voice. Gaz had a bullet pierce his brain and died. Infinity Ward received emails stating that Gaz should not have died so they used the same voice for Ghost. Which ironically, died too.