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He gave it to Aphrodite. Because she promised him a woman as beauty as her who was Helen after Paris took Helen it started the Trojan war.

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Q: Who did prince Paris give the golden apple to?
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She threw the golden apple marked to the fairest?

In the test of the golden apple it was Paris who decided the contest and he was a male aka he not she. Paris, threw the golden apple to Aphrodite because she promised to give him Helena of Troy

What role did a golden apple play in the Trojan war?

The apple was given by the three goddess, Aphrodite, Athena and Hera, to Paris telling him that he must give the apple to the goddess whome the thinks, "The Fairest of them All". Aphrodite offered that he will give, Helen, the most beautiful woman to Paris if Paris will give her the apple. Paris accepted the offer and Aphrodite gave Helen to him.

What did Athena promise if Paris awarded the golden apple to her?

Athena promised to give Paris skill in battle (if you read the Iliad, it's clear that Paris was not only a coward, but a poor leader).

What happens when you give a Golden Apple to a Pegasus?

You are able to find a golden apple picture of a horse with wings.

What was inscribed on the golden apple of Eris?

the golden apple (which, in most people's opinion, is really the cause of the Trojan War) had inscribed upon it "For the Fairest" (meaning the most beautiful). Paris was given the task of awarding the apple, and he gave it to Aphrodite (or Venus in Roman terms) because she promised to give him the most beautiful woman in the world for his wife if he did.

What Greek myths does Aphrodite appear in?

Most love myths, like the myth about Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta, and a myth about the golden pear/apple that Paris has to give the most beautiful goddess, either Aphrodite, Here or Athena.

Why was Athena an enemy of Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is the enemy of Athena because once there was a beauty contest between Hera, Aphrodite, and Athens. Paris an immortal and the prince of Troy was told to give a golden apple to the fairest of them all by Zeus. Paris of course chosen Aphrodite because she was the goddess of love and the mos beautiful goddess. this sparked and rivalry between Athena, and Aphrodite.. Hope this helps :)

How do you get the golden apple in Mythology Island?

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What events led up to the Trojan war?

The reason for the Trojan war was the abduction of Helen by the Trojan prince and son of Priam, Paris. Helen was in fact the wife of the Achaen (Greek) warlord and close friend of the Greek king Agememnon, Menelaus. But the reason for the abduction was the golden apple of discord by Eris which said that only the fairest could have it. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite fought for the apple but no one could decide who was better. then Zeus (who asked Eris to give that apple) ordered the Goddesses to go to Paris for the judgement. As even Paris could not decide he resorted to the better bribe. While the other Goddesses bribed for a better rule Aphrodite offered Helen of Sparta. But as Helen was by then the wife of Menelaus, Aphrodite helped Paris abduct her. This was the reason for the war of troy. (Excellent answer copied from a response by Suraj-Goodbrains)

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