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Michelle did not cheat on Brian. It was another of Brian's girlfriend who did it and it was with one of Brian's ex-best friends. He said so in an interview right here

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Q: Who did Michelle dibenedetto cheat with?
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What is valary and Michelle dibenedetto long name?

Valary Renee Dibenedetto (her surname is now 'Sanders'). Michelle Louise Dibenedetto (her surname is now 'Haner').

When in Michelle dibenedetto due?

Michelle is not pregnant, that we know of.

Does Michelle DiBenedetto Smoke?

Yes - Michelle is a smoker.

What is Valary DiBenedetto's sister's name?

Valary DiBenedetto's sister is named Michelle.

Who is michelle dibenedetto?

Synyster's wife which makes her Michelle Haner. :)

Is Synyster Gates aka Brian Haner going to divorce Michelle Dibenedetto?

It is rumored that Brian Haner Jr and Michelle Dibenedetto might be getting a divorce.

Who is Synyster Gates going out with?

Synyster Gates is not going out with anyone. He is currently married to Michelle DiBenedetto.

Who has synyster gates dated?

Michelle DiBenedetto (Currently dating)

What is Synyster Gates girlfriend's name?

No. Sysnter Gates is married. Synyster Gates is married to Michelle DiBenedetto, M. Shadow's wife's twin sister.

How tall is Michelle Dibenedetto?

She's 5'6" like her sister Valary.

Is Synyster Gates getting married?

Yes. He is married to Michelle Dibenedetto.

Is Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold single?

No, he is married to Michelle DiBenedetto.