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Are you seriously stucked in your Pokemon Explorer of Sky game, you need some wonder mail s codes to make it interesting. Are you fustrated because you want that Lugia but you still havent gotten the secret slab or mystery part to make it appear.

Those questions and more are finally answered!!!!!

and I have the wonder mail s codes for the seven treasure in explorer of sky

Because there is a website in construction that will provide those characteristics

You can visit it here: Sorry because it is all messed up but it is a lot for beginning

More information mail me at:

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Q: Who are the wonder mails for the seven treasures?
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Where are the Seven Treasures located in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Two?

You have to get the wonder mails via password. The passwords are available at GameWinners.

How do you get the seven treasures?

By Sailing the Seven Seasno actually you need the wonder mail codes if you need them go to Pokemon dungeon and the codes will be there in the seven treasures

How do you start the 7 treasures on Pokemon Explorers of Darkness?

go google"wonder mail(seven treasures)" and voila!!

What do you do after you found all seven treasures in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

wonder mail

What are the Wonder Mail codes for the dungeons for the seven treasures in Pokemon Explorers of Darkness?

the codes can be found on and type in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness wonder mail codes for the 7 treasures

Can wonder mails be repeated unlimited times in Pokemon explorers of time?

Sorry, but no. You will have to get a new wonder mail code for whatever you want.No the wonder mails cannot be repeatedYOU 2 SUCK YOU PIECES POO

How many floors do the seven treasures have on Pokemon mystery dungeon 2?

The Seven Treasurer aren't dungeons but items given to the player after they defeat the bosses in seven secret Wonder Mail dungeons.

What do the dot means on wonder mails?

it means good luck

How do you get to seven treasures in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

you need wonder codes. if you want them all you have to do is go to you tube and look up Pokemon mystery dungeon codes

In Pokemon explorers of sky why does it say that you arent ready when you go to accept jirachis mail?

I think you have to beat the game. It wouldn't let me accept the seven treasures mails until i beat the game either.

How do you get to the 7 treasures in Pokemon explorers of time?

Serch at google-youtube.There are wonder mail codes to get each of the 7 treasures.

Where are Wonder Gummis?

Wonder Gummis are usually in Wonder Mails, but they can also be found on the Outlaw Notice Board or the Job Bulletin Board. Wonder Gummis, no matter what your type is, boosts your IQ significantly.