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Big The Cat(But I Call Him FAT BIG)

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big the cat

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Q: Who are the slowest sonic characters?
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What characters are not sonic characters?

Anything that's not in the Sonic Games, Comics, and Cartoons.

Who is the slowest and fastest characters in Mario super sluggers?

slowest-king k. rool fastest-yoshi

Who are the new characters in Mario and sonic at the winter Olympic games?

New Mario characters: Donkey Kong, Bowser Jr. New Sonic characters: Metal Sonic, Silver

What characters can you use in sonic rush?

Sonic and Blaze

What are the playable characters for sonic colours?

just sonic.

Who are the three fastest sonic characters?

Sonic,Shadow,and Knuckles.

What is Sonic Shuffle?

Basically Mario Party with Sonic characters.

What sonic characters can use the homing attack?

sonic , shadow

What characters can you be on sonic rush?

You can be Sonic the hedgehog or Blaze the cat.

Do the Sonic characters have toes?


What characters can you play as in sonic generations?

Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic, and somehow the characters swap like in Green Hill Zone, instead of Modern Sonic, there's Modern Tails!

Aside from Sonic what characters will be playable in Sonic Unleashed and in what manner will they be able to be played Mini-games unlockables etc?

You can be Sonic the hedgehog,Sonic the werehog and Super Sonic in story mode.There is no mini games or unlockable characters.