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The current members of the Star Fox Team are (L-R) : Falco Lombardi (Ace Pilot), Fox McCloud (Leader), Krystal (Telepath) and Slippy Toad (Scientist).

The former members are (L-R): Peppy Hare, James McCloud and Pigma Dengar.

Plus peppy hare and ROB 64

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Q: Who are the members of the Star Fox Team?
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How do you play as star fox team in star fox 64?

You cant lol

Who is against who in star fox?

The Star Fox team is usually against Star Wolf but mostly against Andross and a collection of other vilans.

Who is Fox from Star Fox?

Fox McCloud is an anthropomorphic (human-like) red fox, and is the main character of the Star Fox games from Nintendo. In the games, players assume the role of Fox as the leader of a squad of mercenary space fighters known as team "Star Fox".

Is the Star Fox Team Like a Family?

As Falco thinks, YEP!

Can you name all of the star fox games in order?

star Fox/Star Wing Star Fox 2 Star Fox 64 Star Fox Adventures Star Fox Assault Star Fox Command

What was the whole story of Star Fox?

Ok, The lylat system is called that cuz of the sun, Lylat. SOLAR ISN'T THE MAIN SUN! Ok, Pigma betrayed the original star fox team and got James killed. Peppy took James' Arwing and told fox about his father. Then, Fox made the new star fox team. Peppy joined fox's team and fox also got Falco and Slippy on the team too. Andross the scientest, who's a big floaty head BTW, and tried to take over the lylat system. But the Star fox team beat im'. All that was called the Lylat Wars. After a year, fox was hired to investigate Sauria (Dinosaur Planet) and found out Andross was behind it all. He defeated Andross when Falco rejoind star fox. Fox met Krystal, a blue vixen, who decided to join star fox. After that, A force called the Aparoids, which are robot bugs, attacked lylat. After fighting them for quite a while, fox gets to the queen and defeats her. the team disinbands a little while later. in SF COMMAND, a new force called the Angelars appeared. Fox put the team back together and defeats the angelars. the story changes when you choose the path. will add more detail later. ~Silverstarfox

What are all of the star fox games?

Ok. here's the list. i know the dates for the games. Starwing/star fox (1993) star fox 2 (unreleased) star fox 64 (1997) star fox adventures (2002) star fox assault (2005) star fox command (2006) star fox 64 3d (2011) hope i did well.

Why is Star Fox called that instead of Star Coyote?

Fox McCloud is called Star Fox because he is a fox, and not a coyote.

What are the names of the Fox Sports team?

The Fox Sports news team has a variety of different members due to the large quantity of sports. Because of the mass amount of coverage they provide Fox uses multiple writers for the Fox Sports program but the head writers are Jason Whitlock and Peter Schrager

Does Krystal like Fox?

It's the other way round. When the team finds her she gets romantically involved with fox. But the relationship gets rocky later in star fox command. In another Star fox game (i don't know which, sorry) fox and Krystal get married and have a baby.

What kind of animal is Fox McCloud?

Depends, most of the time he is a coyote and sometimes a fox. Star Fox SNES:Coyote Star Fox 2:Coyote Star Fox Virtual Boy:Coyote Star Fox 64:Coyote Super Smash Bros:Coyote Super Smash Bros Melee:Coyote Star Fox Adventures:Fox Star Fox Assault:Fox Star Fox Command:Fox Super Smash Bros Brawl:Fox Star Fox 64 3DS:Coyote Super Smash Bros 4:Fox Star Fox Zero:Fox 7 times a coyote and 6 times a fox, this means in reality Fox McCloud is actually a coyote.

Did krystal come back on star fox command?

Yes. Krystal is in Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, and Star Fox Command. She only wasn't featured in the original, Star Fox 64. She breaks up her relationship with Fox McCloud and joins Star Wolf. Star Fox Command has several endings, and at times she ends up marrying Fox, just simply joining Star Fox again, becoming an independent bounty hunter, etc.