Is star fox on PlayStation 1?

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No star fox is a game series by Nintendo and the playstation is sony. so no star fox games on Playstation.

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Q: Is star fox on PlayStation 1?
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Can you name all of the star fox games in order?

star Fox/Star Wing Star Fox 2 Star Fox 64 Star Fox Adventures Star Fox Assault Star Fox Command

Why is Star Fox called that instead of Star Coyote?

Fox McCloud is called Star Fox because he is a fox, and not a coyote.

What are all of the star fox games?

Ok. here's the list. i know the dates for the games. Starwing/star fox (1993) star fox 2 (unreleased) star fox 64 (1997) star fox adventures (2002) star fox assault (2005) star fox command (2006) star fox 64 3d (2011) hope i did well.

Do they have Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for PlayStation?

No. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is not avalible on the PlayStation 1, 2, or 3. It is however sold on the Xbox platform.

What kind of animal is Fox McCloud?

Depends, most of the time he is a coyote and sometimes a fox. Star Fox SNES:Coyote Star Fox 2:Coyote Star Fox Virtual Boy:Coyote Star Fox 64:Coyote Super Smash Bros:Coyote Super Smash Bros Melee:Coyote Star Fox Adventures:Fox Star Fox Assault:Fox Star Fox Command:Fox Super Smash Bros Brawl:Fox Star Fox 64 3DS:Coyote Super Smash Bros 4:Fox Star Fox Zero:Fox 7 times a coyote and 6 times a fox, this means in reality Fox McCloud is actually a coyote.

What game system did Star Wars first appear?

either playstation 1 or a gameboy

Did krystal come back on star fox command?

Yes. Krystal is in Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, and Star Fox Command. She only wasn't featured in the original, Star Fox 64. She breaks up her relationship with Fox McCloud and joins Star Wolf. Star Fox Command has several endings, and at times she ends up marrying Fox, just simply joining Star Fox again, becoming an independent bounty hunter, etc.

Where does the maker of Star Fox live?

star fox live in corneria

Is fox mccloud from star fox real?

Fox McCloud is a fictional character from the Star Fox franchise and as such isn't real.

Is there a LEGO Star Wars for playstation 1?

No only some versions for the PSP PS2 and PS3 in the Lego Star Wars Series

Are the Fox McClouds in Star Fox SNES and modern Star Fox's the same one?

No, Fox McCloud from SNES and 64 is a coyote. Fox McCloud from Gamecube, Wii and DS is a fox though but Fox McCloud(Coyote)is the most popular Star Fox.

What are the release dates for The Star and the Story - 1955 Ferry to Fox Island 1-4?

The Star and the Story - 1955 Ferry to Fox Island 1-4 was released on: USA: 29 January 1955

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