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The 13 Lords of Chaos so far.

1st: Escherion

Weapon: Staff of Inversion

Chaos Beast: Hydra

2nd: Xang and Xing

Weapon: Not said yet.

Chaos Beast: Not Said yet.


3rd: Vath

Weapon: Legendary Sword of Dragon Control

Chaos Beast: Rock Roc and/or Stalagbite

4th: Kitsune

Weapon: Hanzamune DragonKoi Blade

Chaos Beast: O-Dokuro




Chaos Beast: Dracowerepyre

6th: Kimberly (aka One Eyed Doll)

Weapon:One Eyed Blade

Chaos Beast: Giant Triceratops Thing

7th: Ledgermayne

Weapon: Ultima Mana Sword

Chaos Beast: Mana Golem

8th: Tibicenas

Weapon: None

Chaos Beast: Sphinx


9th: Krellenos

Weapon: Currently Unknown

Chaos Beast: Currently Unknown

Sadly the 10th,11th,12th, and 13th chaos lords have not even been created yet. It is only a matter of time even the 9th chaos lord is not full of information either so as of now the last real chaos lord is Tibicenas

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Vath,Escherion,Kitsune,Tibicenas,Wolfwing,I think Twisted Paw...tht all...besides Xing/Xang

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Q: Who are drakath's 13 lords of chaos?
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Who are Drakaths 150 Lord Of Chaos?

There are only 13...

Where are the 1st lord of chaos?

you can fight him after you after you defeat all 13 chaos lords

Who are the 13 lords of chaos in AQWorlds?

All 13 haven't been released yet,these are the current chaos lord:DrakathEscherionXing and XangVathKitsuneWolfwingKimberlyLedgermayne

Where to get drakaths armor?

You cant fight him yet but you may in the future if he is the last chaos lord.

How many chaos lords are there?

there are 3 of the chaos lords in all

Can you fight drakath in AQWorlds?

Not until all 13 Chaos Lords come out.

When was Lords of Chaos - book - created?

Lords of Chaos - book - was created in 1998.

When did Lords of Chaos - video game - happen?

Lords of Chaos - video game - happened in 1991.

When was Lords of Chaos - video game - created?

Lords of Chaos - video game - was created in 1990-04.

What are the 13 lords of chaos's names in AQWORLDS?

So far we know the following Lords of Chaos:EscherionThe Twins, Xing and XangVathKitsuneWolfwingKimberly (Discordia was a false Lord)Ledgermayne

What is the ISBN of Lords of Chaos book?

The ISBN of The Lords of Discipline is 0-395-29462-2.

How do you get chaos lords?

I don't think you get Chaos Lords.You can only find,fight,die from fighting chaos lord,and destroy.