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  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
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Q: Which two days of week start with the letter T?
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Name two days of the week that start with the letter t?

Tuesday and Thursday

What two days of the week has a silent letter in them?

Wednesday and Saturday have silent letters in them.

Which two days of the week start with the letters TO?

Today and Tomorrow.

What are the four days of the week that start with the letter T?

Thursday and Tuesday are the obvious answers. The other two are a bit harder and weirder. They are tomorrow and today.

Which Two Days of the week has a silent letter?

The days of the week with silent letters are Wednesday (the first "d") and Saturday (the "a").

How many days is two seventh of a week?

2/7 of a week would be two days since a week is seven days, two 'parts' of a week would be two days.

What fraction of the days start with the letter S?

Saturday and sunday two-seventh of the days

IS it two days a week or two days per week?

Both are acceptable.

What are four days in a week starting with the letter T?

Four days which start with the letter 'T' are Tuesday, Thursday...and Today and Tomorrow. The only day that has an affirmative in it is Yesterday. The only day with an x in the middle is The Next Day. Two days that like to confuse are Day Before Yesterday, and Day After Tomorrow.

S m t w t what is the next two letters in this sequence?

Next two are f s, and then it repeats. These are the first letter of the days of the week in English.

Why is there 5 days in a week?

There are not 5 days in a week. There are 7 days in a week. There are 5 days in the working week for most people, because we have a two day weekend.

Your bunny started nesting 4 days ago when will baby come?

Any time. Does start nesting a week to two days before the babies come.