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messy, lazy, loud, attitude

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Q: Which traits commonly associated with a teenager can also be found in a bad roommate?
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What are the behavioral of teenager?

what are the behavioral traits of teenager

What are the positive and negative behavoiral traits of teenager?

the positive traits of teenager are : Honest,helpfull,loyal,good listner,kind,positive thinker and respectful here are the negative traits of teenager : Rude,boastful,traitor,impatients,judgemental,pretender, and wat so all

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The mule would be considered postzygotic. This is because of the usually sterile reproductive traits that are commonly associated with being a hybrid.

Describe the behavior traits of a adolescence or teenager?

joanna skarabista

What are the behavioral traits in teenager?

Defiance, disrespect, being late past curfews, the usual. Weren't you ever a teenager?

Negative and positive traits of teenager today?

The positive traits are that teenagers are taking more responsibilities. The negative traits are that there is a lot of peer comparison.

What are undesirable traits of teenager?

boastful, dishonest, bully, lazy, sensitive.

The national institute of justice lists the eleven traits that are most commonly desired for investiigators?

what are the eleven traits that are most commonly desired for investigators

What makes a girl feminine?

Femininity can be expressed in various ways, such as through behavior, style, and demeanor. Traits commonly associated with femininity include kindness, gentleness, empathy, and grace. However, it's important to remember that femininity can be expressed in diverse forms and is not limited to specific traits or behaviors.

What is one disease that is associated with sex linked traits?


Why is it important to understand the different behavior traits of teenagers?

Understanding the different behavior traits of teenagers is important because it helps adults communicate effectively, provide appropriate support, and guide them through challenges. It also allows for better understanding of their emotional and psychological development, leading to more informed decisions in supporting their well-being.

What are some traits for peter in touching spirit bear?

Dark hair, hates nature, anger issues, teenager...