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The second gym leader in Eterna city

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Q: Which trainer in Pokemon diamond has cherrim?
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On Pokemon diamond where can you fight a trainer with a cherrim?

Route 221

How do you get cherrim in Pokemon Diamond?

In order to get Cherrim in Pokemon Diamond you have to catch one in the wild by putting honey on a yellow tree. as of now i dont know where a trainer is that has one for the pokedex

How do you catch a Cherrim in Pokemon Diamond?

How do you get a cherrim in Pokemon diamond.

59 in pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

cherrim you can find it by battling a certain Pokemon trainer on iron island

Does cherrim evolve in Pokemon diamond?


Where to find a trainer with cherrim?

go to the pal park then go near the berries and there will be a trainer (ace trainer shannon) and fight her and she will have a lvl 30 cherrim and 2 other Pokemon

What Pokemon is number 059 on the pokedex on diamond?

number 59 is cherrim. ace trainer shannon has one, she's on the south side of route 221.

Where can you catch a cherrim in Pokemon diamond?

You have to make your cherubi evolve to get a cherrim. The location where you get a cherubi is on a honey tree.

Can you get a Cherrim in Pokemon Diamond?

yes you can. just evolve a cheirbu

What Pokemon evolves from cherubi on Pokemon Diamond?

I am pretty sure it is Cherrim hope you can evolve it!

Where can you see cherrim in Pokemon Diamond?

Check out:! then, on the left side, click D/P Pokedex. Then, select Cherrim's type, and scroll down until you see the picture and name! no that is wrong it doesn't tell u where it is cuz it is an evolution of a pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! actually a trainer has one on route 221 in the middle of the grass

Where can you get the Pokemon that evolves into cherubi in Pokemon Diamond?

Nothing evolves into Cherubi, however Cherubi evolves into Cherrim. You can't find Cherrim but you find wild Cherubi on honey trees.