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Both are the20% but the Draco plate works for arceus

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Q: Which raises the power of dragon moves more a Draco plate or a dragon's fang in Pokemon platinum?
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What pokemon evolves with the dragon fang?

A Dragon Fang is not an item that makes Pokemon evolve. It just raises Dragon-type moves.

What is pokerus in Pokemon Platinum?

pokerus is a virus thank is good for pokemon. it raises stats and hp.

What Pokemon evolves with a dragon fang?

No Pokemon actually evolves with a dragon fang. A dragon fang just raises the power of dragon-type moves.

Easy way to evolve Togepi pokemon platinum?

Give a Soothe Bell it raises happiness.

How can you max out your Pokémon's power in Pokemon Platinum?

you can buy some calsium,iron,carbos and all that items that raises up the base of your pokemon's stats.

How do you run into shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There are two ways you can do it. Get an AR and get the code. Two put Pokemon in daycare one from sinnoh and one from national. I can't make that fore sure tho. I just know it raises your chances.

How do you get lucious orb in Pokemon diamond?

I think you mean the Lustrous Orb, Raises the Water and Dragon-type moves of Palkia and is found in Mt. Coronet. :~)

What are Pokemon proteins?

they are vitamins you can give to a Pokemon and it raises their attack.

What does carbos do in Pokemon?

Carbos raises your pokemon's base speed.

Pokemon HeartGold where to find Arceus?

You can trade from Pokémon Platinum, Diamond or Pearl but if you do get him you can use a REALLY overpowered move. It doesn't do damage but it raises Sp. Def. and Def. It is named Cosmic Power

What does a magnet do in Pokemon?

raises electric attacks

What is the fastest way to get a zubats speed to 100 in Pokemon platinum?

Hmm Zubats speed? well the easiest and fastest way is to buy carbos this raises the speed stat of a pokemon, BUT carbos does cost a bit of money so you have to be willing to pay :) Hope this helped