Which pokeball looks better for glaceon net or dive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I'd say Dive Ball.

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Q: Which pokeball looks better for glaceon net or dive?
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Which pokeball looks better for Glaceon the netball or diveball?

Well, Glaceon cannot be caught in the wild, you have to evolve an Eevee to begin with, so basically it boils down to personal choice. Also, it is an Ice type, not a Water one. Personally, I think a Dive Ball would combine more with its color pattern, but at the end of the day it is just for aesthetics. The only difference you will get is an special effect for when Glaceon enters the battle.

What color is a pokeball?

as to why the colour of the pokeball matter I have no clue, but a great ball would suit glaceon, a moon ball would also look pretty sweet, a dive ball or net ball, basically anything blue :)

What pokeball do you use to catch lapras?

Dive ball.

How do you get to the last gym leader and get dive in emerald?

The last gym is in sootopolis, you need to get rayquaza to get in, you get dive in steven's house - talk to him. p.s: In steven's house you will see a pokeball that you can take - in it there is a buldom level five.

Can you get a heavy ball on platinum?

no you could only get dive ball,pokeball,ultra ball,master ball,luxury ball,heal ball,and more

How do you use dive in Pokemon white?

you just need to have the HM dive give it to a water type pokemon that can use it go to undella bay and use over a black spot and you see what it looks like under the water BTW-you dont do much ,it just shows you what it looks like.

Why do planes dive?

Planes dive to get airflow over the wings where the air is thicker. The thicker the air the better the airflow. Planes also dive in stall. Stall is where the plane can no longer fly areodynamicly. Hope this helped.

Pokemon emerald get dive?

go to mossdeep city and go to the top left house and there is a guy in there who will talk to you also after you beat the elite four go back there and there is a pokeball on the table take it and its a beldum who evolves into metagross and is awesome!!!

What is a better word then falling?

dive,collapse,crash,dip,downswing etc.

Who is better at football Liverpool or Manchester united?

They are about equel but man u dive

What Pokemon in sapphire can learn dive?

Goldeen, Gyarados, Whiscash, pretty much any Pokemon that looks like a fish.

Where can I find a cheap and durable wetsuit?

It appears Amazon Warehouse has used ones starting at around nine dollars. Another good deal looks to be Dive Pro Discount Dive Gear. Good luck with your diving!