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An iron pickaxe

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Q: Which pick axe do you use to get redstone in Minecraft?
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What tool do you use to mine redstone?

There are different types of tools that you can use to mine redstone. The diamond or iron pick axe is a good tool that you can use to mine redstone since it is mostly in dust form.

What pick axe do you use to mine gold in Minecraft?

iron pickaxe

What do you use when im getting redstone in minecraft?

You need an iron pickaxe to get redstone in Minecraft.

What can you use to mine redstone in Minecraft?

You have to use an Iron, Gold or Diamond Pickaxe to mine Redstone.

What can you use redstonepickaxe for in Minecraft?

There is no such this as a redstone pickaxe.

Can you use redstone to make an elevator in minecraft?


What tool do you use to dig up redstone on minecraft?


What can you do with redstone in Minecraft?

You can do many things with redstone in Minecraft! The best, and pretty much only, thing to do with it is to use it for circuitry for buildings, contraptions and much more. You can find more in depth redstone tutorials on YouTube.

How do you use redstone in Minecraft?

Redstone acts like a wire you can use it to make doors open and to make minecart tracks and more

What kind of pick axe can you use to obtain diamonds in minecraft?

You will need to use a iron or diamond pickaxe to mine diamond ore blocks.

What do you use to mine redstone in minecraft?

You need at least an Iron Pickaxe.

How do you make an iron pick axe in Minecraft using a wooden pick axe?

1) Mine enough stone to build a stone pick and a furnace 2) Use the stone pick to mine some iron ore 3) Smelt the ore in the furnace 4) Make an iron pick

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