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my chose lanturn

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Q: Which one is better lanturn or Ludicolo in Pokemon emerald?
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What Pokemon is better Lanturn Ampharosor or Roserade?

Roserade but it depends on your team...

Which is better pokemon emerald or pokemon leafgreen?

emerald no doubt

What is better - Pokemon Emerald or Pokemon Pearl?

I personally like Emerald better, but Pearl has better graphics.

Is Pokemon sapphire or Pokemon emerald better?

Emerald..But they are kinda the same

What is better Pokemon Emerald or Pokemon Diamond?

It depends. Diamond has better graphics, but Emerald has a better plot line and in my opinion is better.

Which is better the Pokémon from emerald or the Pokémon from white?

Pokemon from white are WAY better than pokemon from emerald.

Is Pokemon sapphire and Pokemon emerald the same?

No emerald is better than Sapphire

Which Pokemon game is better emerald or ruby?

Emerald by far

What is better Pokémon ruby or Pokémon Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald, because one, it has a better legendary two, it has a more expanded Pokemon universe three, it has more Pokemon i think emerald you get sick legendarys

Good Pokemon Emerald?

Sapphire is better, but yes, emerald is good.

Which Pokemon game is better ruby sapphire or emerald to help complete the Pokedex in Pokemon pearl?


How do you get a shiny Pokemon in emerald?

Get out you stupids! I'm better! You can't get a shiny Pokemon in emerald! Except for me! Hahahahahahaha!!