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around level 70+ Strength.

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Q: Which level you hit 15 with rune scimitar without pot in runescape?
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Which level can you hit 14 with rune scimitar without strength pot in runescape?

Strength potion only boosts your strength by 10 or so levels.You hits also depends on your gear, so I will do it based on Runescape Scimitar, then Rune Scimitar With Strength Amulet.-Non Members-Rune scimitar + strength amulet = Level 63 Strength.Rune Scimitar = 69 Strength.-Members-Rune Scimitar + Amulet of Fury = Level 64 Strength.Rune scimitar + Berserker Necklace = Level 65 Strength.

In Runescape is the blurite sword better than a rune scimitar?

Not even close. The Rune Scimitar is better when it comes to attack stats. The blurite sword's defense stats are actually a little better then the rune Rune Scimitar's.

How much is a rune scimitar in RuneScape?

I think it's 20k

What are good drops in runescape for non members?

Rune Items like scimitar, you can get these from those level 83 cockroach soldiers.

What is the best 1h runescape weapons f2pfor strength?

Rune Scimitar.

What is a good weapon for a runescape monk PS I'm a free to play person attack level 38 combat 32?

Train your attack to 40, then buy a Rune Scimitar for FTP, there is no better weapon than a Rune Scimitar.

How do you get a rune scimitar in runescape?

just go the the grand exchange and buy one

What is a good sword for a lvl 46 attack level on runescape?

A Rune 2h is a good weapon for a high lvl strength person on Runescape. A rune scimitar is a perfect weapon for a lvl 46 attack because it is designed for attack.

What is a good weapon for strength training on runescape?

Chaotic Longsword > Saradomin Sword > Brackish blade/Dragon Scimitar > Rune Scimitar

With a rune scimitar what can you hit at level sixty seven strength?

i hit around 15 with rune scimitar with 61 strength and 57 attack

Runescape is a god staff in melee better than rune?

No, Rune Scimitar is better than a God Staff in melee combat.

Are there monsters there drop rune in runescape?

Of couse!If your asking about nonmember monsters, then there is the level 83 lesser demon that has a rare rune medium helmet drop. There is the level 82 Cockroach Soldier that has a rare drop of a rune scimitar or a rune kiteshield. It also rarely drops runite ore. Greater demons also drop rune items: they are found at the demonic ruins and in the Wilderness Volcano.For more info check out the RuneScape wikia website.