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The following letters are excluded - Q U V X Y Z

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Q: Which letters are left out of the 20-sided die used in Scattergories?
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What flowers begin with letters A-Z?

The Scattergories game does not use words that begin with Q, U, V, X, Y or Z. Flowers for the 20 letters used in Scattergories include the following: · Azalea · Black-eyed Susan · Carnation · Daffodil · Easter Lily · Firecracker · Geranium · Hydrangea · Impatiens · Jasmine · Korean lilac · Lily · Mums · Narcissus · Orchid · Poinsettias · Rhododendron · Salvia · Tulip · Wisteria

Do the rules in the game of Scattergories state that a an etc cannot be used?

Yes. The rules state that the determiners 'a', 'an' and 'the' are not allowed.

What are scattergories?

Scattergories is a fun game; first, you pick a letter of the alphabet that will be used throughout the round. Next, you/your group have to come up with a certain list of words all starting with the letter that was originally picked. Whoever gets every word needed for the whole list wins that game.

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There are a few pieces of furniture that start with the letter M. These words may be able to be used in a game of Scattergories, and they include mat and mirror.

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