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Q: Which knight was the most loyal to king Arthur?
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Which knight is most loyal to King Arthur?

Sir Galahad

Who was the most famous Knight?

The most famous knight would definitely be King Arthur. While Launcelot is the most famous knight in King Arthur's service, everyone knows who King Arthur is. No matter where you go and mention knights, immediately "Excalibur" enters their head. Don Quixote would probably be equally famous in the Hispanic communities.

Who was king Arthur's most trusted knight?

I think it's Sir Lancelot.

Who was the french knight in king Arthur's court?

Well, there were several but the most important and famous was Sir Lancelot.

What was the conflict in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?

King Arthur was challenged to a beheading game with the green knight. King Arthur cut the head off, the knight just put it back on. Then it was the green knights turn. An inch from the neck, the green knight told king Arthur that in a year, king Arthur must find out what women desire most. He tried everything but couldn't get the answer but before he went to the meeting place at the end of the year, a hag said that she would give king Arthur the answer if she could marry sir Gawain. She told him women desire sovereignty and power most, which King Arthur gives to the Green Knight. King Arthur is spared. Sir Gawain agrees to marry the hag for his king, and the Dame Ragnelle and Sir Gawain got married. But because Sir Gawain gave the Dame power to make her choice, it broke her spell and she turned into a beautiful lady.

Why was Lancelot the most trusted knight by King Arthur?

No. Lancelot betrayed him because of his lustful love for Queen Guinevere.

Why is Sir Galahad considered the most loyal knight of king Arthur?

He was the Grail Knight, the only knight able to sit in the Siege Perilous, a seat at the Round Table where only one knight could sit or they would die. He was pure, courageous, chivalrous, courteous, gentle and kind. He was the son of Elaine of Corbenic and Lancelot, and was the only Knight able to drink from the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus supposedly drank from at the Last Supper.

How well was King Arthur trusted?

King arthur was one of the most trusted kings alive everyone trusted him.

Was King Arthur Greek or Roman?

The historical Arthur, who probably lived in the 5th/6th Century, would have been Romano-British most likely. The literary Arthur of the middle ages was an English king. He could be any combination in modern works of fiction--some even deal with his return like Peter David's Knight Life and Molly Cochran's The Forever King.

What was the behavior of most georgians during the revolution?

They were loyal to King George .

What was Sir Lancealot most known for?

Sir Lancealot was famous in Arthurian legend as one of the knights in King Arthur's Round Table. He is renowned for being both the worst and best knight in King Arthur's court. He was part of the unsuccessful quest for the Holy Grail and pulled Guinevere into temptation and put to death for adultery with him.

Where was the real round table of king Arthur?

There was no real round table. It is merely the stuff of legend, like most of the stories about King Arthur.

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