Why does Meta Knight hate Kirby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Once meta knight and kirby were friends. But Kirby accidentally bullied meta knight so he got his sword, mask, cape, and armor and tried to kill kirby. Kirby did his best to say sorry to meta knight but he wont listen and kept on trying to kill kirby.

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Meta Knight Does not hate Kirby. In older titles, and to this day, you are presented with a sword to fight him with, and he'll always wait for Kirby to pick it up before attacking. In most games he's appeared as a boss in, he has a good reason for opposing Kirby. In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Meta Knight is Also trying to protect the Mirror world, and after defeating him and his Dark Counterpart Meta Knight gives Kirby his own sword (Galaxia). In Kirby Squeak Squad, Meta Knight Tried to prevent Kirby from unleashing dark Nebula. And in the more recent games, we've even been given proof of friendship between the two (Like in the intro to return to Dreamland). Meta Knight does not hate Kirby.

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Q: Why does Meta Knight hate Kirby?
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Is Kirby also meta knight?

meta knight is a Kirby not the Kirby that saves the world, hes just a Kirby

Is Metaknight a Kirby?

What the person above stated is not true, Kirby is Kirby and Meta Knight is Meta Knight, they are 2 different characters. Granted though that Meta Knight is one of the species that Kirby is, but he is Not KirbyIf you meant as in species, then yes, but the specie has no declared name. He's a Kirby as in species, but as said above Kirby is Kirby, Meta Knight is Meta KnightThey are both Star Warriors.

Who does Meta Knight hate?

all i know is that he does not hate kirby. some video games make it seem so, but truly in Hoshi No Kaabii, he helps kirby.

Who is Kirby's father?

It is surprising...or not, Kirby's father is META-KNIGHT!!!!!!!!! (Galactic-Knight is Meta-Knight brother) So....there you have it..... ENJOY =D

Who is Stronger- Meta Knight or Kirby?

Meta Knight is a lot stronger than Kirby. Kirby doesn't have wings, a sword, a dimensional cape, or the ability to teleport or make tornados.Also, Meta Knight is faster than Kirby and could dodge Kirby's attacks and get away with attacks without retaliation.Meta Knight also has a mask, protecting his whole body.

Why does meta knight protect Kirby?

Meta Knight and Kirby are competetive rivals but also good friends you see this a lot in the Kirby show on tv.

Is meta knight Kirbys father?

well, in Kirby right back at ya, meta knight somehow knows so much about Kirby. we also know that meta knight is part of the same species Kirby is in. Meta knight could be at least related to Kirby, but you never know...

Is Meta Knight Kirby's godfather?


Who is meta knight's brother?


Who would win in a battle Meta night or Kirby?

Meta Knight.

Is Meta Knight really a Kirby?

No he isn't

Is Meta Knight Kirby's brother?

It is unknown how they are related, if they are even related at all. I really think he is, though. Meta Knight cares for Kirby as though they were. Besides, it would seem too awkward if Meta Knight was Kirby's father, and they have to be related somehow since Meta Knight knows so much about him. On the other hand, i think differently. Meta Knight sometimes tries to kill Kirby, and just because theyre the same species means nothing. Meta knight is 50,000 years old and Kirby is around 300. I guess its possibly, but i find that unlikely