Which item will drop faster?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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objects dropped exactly at the same moment will hit the ground (on earth) at exactly the same moment.

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Q: Which item will drop faster?
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If a drop of ink and a drop of honey are place in water which spreads faster?

The drop of ink will spread faster in water compared to the drop of honey due to its lower viscosity. Ink consists of smaller particles with less resistance to flow, allowing it to disperse more quickly in water. Honey, being more viscous, will spread more slowly as its molecules are more tightly packed and have higher resistance to flow.

What happens if you drop an item in space?

if you drop an item in space if its valuable it will stay there where only you can see it and eventually someone will take it

What is the meaning of the item 'glass drop'?

The meaning of glass drop is, when glass is dropping

Whats a drop on dragonfable?

A drop is an item that you receive free from finishing a quest.

How do you drop an item in Skyrim in xbox 360?

Hold the shift button(just under caps lock) and click on the item that you want to drop.

How do you drop items RuneScape?

To drop items, you go to your inventory, right click on the item you want to drop, then use the drop command.

What is the rarest item that flesh crawlers drop?

they could drop dragon gaulet, which is around 100k

How do you drop stuff in madness combat?

I would look on the controls to know which button to drop and item

How do you get an item in Mario Kart wii faster?

The only way to get items is by hitting an item box.

How do you drop stuff on minecraft xbox 360?

click the b button when the item you want to drop is in your hand

What item makes a Pokemon faster?

x speed

What is releasing the left mouse button on an item you were dragging?