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Well, its really your own opinion but the easiest starter to use is bulbasaur because he is easy to raise and has an advantage over quite a few gyms

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Q: Which is the best starter for Pokemon fire red and leaf green?
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Which starter Pokemon gives you rakiou?

in Pokemon fire red or leaf green is squirtle

What is the starter Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

The starter Pokemon for (Red, Blue, Green, Fire Red, & Leaf Green) are: Bulbasaur lvl 5, Charmander lvl 5, and Squirtle lvl 5. The starter Pokemon for the other Generation I game, Yellow, is Pikachu.

Best Pokemon to start with in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The best Starter is Squirtle just in your game have a Fire Or ice type.

Pokemon firered which is the best starter Pokemon?

it depends on what is your favorite element fire, water, andgrass

How do you get Pokemon 7?

Pokemon 7 is charmander it is a starter in leaf green fire red and most Game boy color games

Where is squrttle in Pokemon FireRed?

you cannot find squirtle in fire red unless he is your starter Pokemon or you might trade from leaf-green

What is the best ever starter pokemon?

tepig Mudkip... Just so I can go around and say "So I heard you like Mudkips..."

Can you find Charmander and Squirtle?

You can only get it as your starter Pokemon at leaf green or fire red; you can also get it by trading to someone.

Where to find carmander in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find a Charmander on Pokemon diamond. You have to get it from Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green. Charmander is a starter Pokemon, so you don't have to catch it.

Is Infernape the best starter?

Personally, I always use fire pokemon starters. I think they are the best. If i were you, I would get the Chimchar.

Which is the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon fire red?

well both squrtle and charmander are good so pick one of them <(^_^)>

Who is the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon 3 amongst the fire starters?

Obviously chimchar. better hp.