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well its really up to you what game you personally prefer but ill tell you what i think of each game:

Guitar Hero - Pretty cool a little too easy in my opinion but it has a couple of cool songs

Guitar hero 2 - basically the same as the first one

Guitar hero 80's - Quite good a few hardish ones some great solos

Guitar hero Areosmith - there songs are great and they have a few trick ones

Guitar hero 3 - Hasn't got many songs but its got a really good bonus song 'Through the fire and flame' now that's a hard one

Guitar hero 4 (world Tour) - this one is probably for beginners because in my opinion all the songs are really easy

Guitar hero Metallica - A Lode of Songs to Chose from and a lode of really cools solos (good if you like a challenge)

Guitar hero Greatest Hits - its just a lode of hand picked songs from previous guitar hero game but a little modified

and that's it... so far...

Unless you have a preference for the available instruments in the different games (The newest having use of complex keyboards and Guitars); I would say the best one is Guitar Hero 5 as it has some functionality to play custom songs. That means you can play virtually any song you like, provided that you find support for it or you figure out how to make it yourself.

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Q: Which is the best Guitar Hero game for Wii?
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