Which is more powerful ice or fire?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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fire can burn ice fire is more stonger

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Q: Which is more powerful ice or fire?
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Who will win between the Fire dragon and the ice dragon?

The ice dragon will win because its way more powerful than the fire dragon. Doyee!!

Is a dragon's fire fart more powerful than its fire breath?


How do you defeat the ice hatchling in DF?

find a powerful fire weapon or train up your stats to get stronger

Is lightning more powerful than fire?

lightning is much more deadly than fire since it's elecrtric and it has more energy

What is more powerful a Desert Eagle or a revolver?

Power is not determined by the make of the gun, but by the caliber of the cartridge that it fires. The Desert Eagle was made in several calibers. There are revolvers that fire less powerful cartridges, and revolvers that fire more powerful cartridges.

What was Shakespeare's sonnet 30 about?

It's also called fire and ice. The more he loves her the more she dislikes him. His burning love like fire hardens the ice which is her love of him.

Fire can be extinguished more quickly by ice or water?


Should you get a laptop or Kindle Fire?

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It depends on the shell you fire.

Is dry ice more dangerous than fire?

In some ways yes and others no. Dry ice can cause some serious burns to the skin while fire burns everything. So, basically fire is the more dangerous.

What is the meaning of fire and ice?

Latin: Fire = ignis, Ice = Glacies French: Fire = Feu, Ice = Glace Italian: Fire = Fuoco, Ice = Ghiaccio Portuguese: Fire = Fogo, Ice = Gelo Spanish: Fire = Fuego, Ice = Hielo Sorry if this didn't help :)

What is the mood of fire and ice?

Disappointment, indecisive, uncertainty, much more