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Although it is a matter strictly of opinion, minecraft has many advantages over Roblox. It is really up to personal preference however.


The reason Roblox is better is because you don't have to pay at all to get it or build anything. They have skating, racing, clothing, first person shooters, dancing, obstacle courses, and Zombies. It looks better: it has many body shapes, better clothes, and more shapes to build with You can build anything including a plane or island or car. The graphics are better. You can create your own game in Roblox, and everything else you can think of. So Roblox is better in every single way.


I would say Roblox because you can do much more things in it compared to MineCraft

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I think Roblox is better, except that a lot of games have a lot of lag, but you have basically a second life, you have your own money and you can build, andvertize, and play games, in minecraft, you can do the same, but its more limited, if you get builders club for roblox, then roblox is way better than minecraft, in my opinion.

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Okikijesu Iyekolo

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2y ago

Me too I think Roblox is better than Minecraft cause Minecraft you have mine all your life like man we need luxry, not mining.

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Elliot Nunes

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2y ago

Lol u guys no nothing

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Q: Which is better minecraft or roblox?
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Which one in your opinion is better roblox or Minecraft?

100% minecraft

is minecraft a cooler game the roblox?

in my opinion minecraft is better then roblox

Which game is better Minecraft or roblox?

Minecraft is 100% better than roblox. roblx is old anyway

Is roblox better that minecraft?


For fans to answer witch is better ROBLOX or minecraft or Blockland?

minecraft all the way

What is better Roblox or Minecraft?

Roblox Is way better because you have a goal in roblox, to play every game! :D ...But in minecraft in the other hand has no goal and the limit is your fcking imagination which is a piece of sht.

Building better than roblox blocks What are games like roblox and its free?

blockland and minecraft

Is roblox better or minecraft?

Its a matter of opinion. Read some online reviews and see what they say.

Is roblox better the minecraft?

In my opinion both games are pretty good. If i had to pick which on was better I'd say Roblox.

How is Roblox the same or different from Minecraft?

In roblox you can do a hell of a lot more e.g play sports and have gun fights but minecraft has better graphics and you can play singleplayer

What are some games like minecraft free online?

there's a game called Roblox, but Minecraft is better

Is Minecraft better than roblox?

It is a matter of opinion. You chose. -- Although many might say Roblox is free, it's really not. You need what they call "Builder's Club" to really do anything. It costs about twenty USD for a month. around what you can get Minecraft for. Minecraft, one paid for, is never renewed and is permanent. Budgetwise, Minecraft has the advantage. Minecraft's gameplay is also better, in opinion. Roblox has to be the slowest game I have ever played. On the same computer, Minecraft worked outstandingly! The Community also seems to be better. Roblox seems to be populated by seven-year-olds, while Minecraft is full of mature people. Really everything is going Minecraft's way. If you don't like something, install a mod(ification) or texture pack. PS. dont always need BC, on roblox. ~7 year roblox player