Which is better ds or ds lite?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The ds lite is much better, by far. The screen is a lot brighter (well, can be, depending on how you set it), and the system itself is much lighter. The ds original was very ugly, and uncomfortable to hold for a long time. The was no selection of color- only grey. The DS lite comes in black, white, red, blue, and two kinds of pink. You can even get colors such as green and yellow if you order it from out of country, but I wouldn't suggest that, as I've heard it will only play games from that country. It is also a much sleeker design. The only 2 bad things about it are it gets fingerprint marks easily, but it is cleanable with eyeglass cleaner or a rag, and that less than 1% of DS lite owners have reported cracks in the hinges. I have heard that this is fixed under warranty, and also that it isn't. I have also heard that the original was harder to break. But, go with the lite anyway. And if you still aren't satisfied with this information, go to Google Video or YouTube, and look up "DS lite vs DS" or something like it. I really hope this helps!

The DS lite. It is sleeker than the original DS, much like the DSi was thinner than the DS Lite. It is more comfortable to hold and the screen is slightly bigger.

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Q: Which is better ds or ds lite?
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Is a Nintendo DS better than a Nintendo DS Lite?

No, the lite is better.

Is DS lite browser better than a DS lite game?


Is a DS light better then a DS you?

I guess your trying to ask is a ds lite better then an orignal ds Well that depends the ds lite is lighter and has better brightness but are a bit fragile where as the orignal was built like a battleship

Does the dsi have better graphics than the ds lite?

yes defiantly check with a dsi and a ds lite

What is the difference between the DS and DS lite?

On a DS lite you can change the lighting on the screens so they're lighter or darker. On the DS there is no way to change the lighting. If you get a DS or DS lite I would recommend the DS lite. It is handy because you can see it better in all different lighting.

Which is better psp or Ds lite?

the psp

Is a DSI better than a DS Lite?


Which is better DS Lite or the Regular Game Boy?

Definately the DS Lite because it's newer, it has way better graphics, it has better games, and it has more buttons.

Difference between ds and ds lite?

Size and shape and battery power and how good it runs ds lite is better in all but strength

What is better ds lite or dsi for a five year old?

d.s lite

What is the diffrens between a ds and a DS Lite?

A DS lite is a slimer ds in which the lighting is better and the picture on games is much more colourull. DS is fat and the lighting is worse.

Is the DS lite or DSi better?

the older ds because it has a gba slot