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It is a matter of personal opinion and personal preference. Try a demo trial of both and see which you prefer.

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Q: Which is better club penguin or secret builders?
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What are some games just like secret builders?

club penguin fantage binweevils pandanda panfu stardoll secret builders Roblox

Are there any more websites like club penguin and dizzywood that you do not have to have a secret code to enter?

Spine world Secret Builders Super Secret neopets

Is their a secret mission in Club Penguin?

Yes there is a secret mission on Club Penguin.

Who made bin weevils up?

my cousins dad he made club penguin, stardoll, bin weevils ,secret builders and moshi monsters!

What is the secret code to the secret room on club penguin?

There are two secret rooms in club penguin, which one are you talking about?

What is secret builder?

secret builders is like club peinguin

Are there tasks on Club Penguin?

There are tasks on Club Penguin if you are a secret agent.

In Club Penguin what is the answer to the riddle?

The secret code to club penguin is clubpenguin

How do you become the president of Club Penguin?

There is no president in Club Penguin but you can join the secret agent club.

Club Penguin what does it mean a penguin is on and adventure?

It means that your penguin is doing a secret mission (You have to be a secret agent which is the secret agency).

What is the biggest secret in Club Penguin?

aunt artic is the director of the club penguin secret agency this guy figured this out and told me

Is the only secret item in club penguin the crystal staff?

No there are other hidden secret items in Club Penguin in the Catalogs.